Comprehensive On-set Metadata Service






Get better statistical data and the perfect overview of the whole production with less administrative work thanks to automatically generated reports, delivered directly from the cloud. Make your workflow paperless.


Use the well-proven power of easySCOTT. Save time during clip import and deliver editing with perfectly prepared metadata directly from the set into any editing tool.

Script Supervisors

Quitting time right after wrap? Sure, cause SCOTTY deserves his name: our easySCOTT App for Script Supervisors simplifies your life and work. Download it on iTunes




Digital recording equipment has become common in movie and TV production. But the information workflows around it are still improvable and take a lot of time. We want to make that end. Take off into the digital future – with easySCOTT.

easySCOTT digitally gathers all technical and content metadata live on set and merges them.

We remove all the annoying duties from the production workflow: paperwork on set and the editing preps.

easySCOTT is the Metadata Hub right on the set – the most important component when it comes to time saving and reliable information exchange between the set, production office and editor’s room.