Comprehensive On-set Metadata Service



Get better statistical data and the perfect overview of the whole production with less administrative work thanks to automatically generated reports, delivered directly from the cloud. Make your workflow paperless.



Use the well-proven power of easySCOTT. Save time during clip import and deliver editing with perfectly prepared metadata directly from the set into any editing tool.


Script Supervisors

Quitting time right after wrap? Sure, cause SCOTTY deserves his name: our easySCOTT App for Script Supervisors simplifies your life and work. Download it on iTunes




We turn your metadata chaos into neatly ordered files!

Digital progress has made it to movie production, years ago. But the communication workflow on set and between the set and post production seems to be out of time. Information exchange is often done on single sheets of paper while editing is swamped by piles of material and loose metadata.

The change to digital standards did not yield time savings due to a lack of a general overview.

No need to worry. Now we take care of your metadata.

With easySCOTT we offer a perfect solution for innovative metadata management in movie and TV productions. Not only do we organize your metadata chaos, we also use the power of metadata to make work on set easier and accelerate the postproduction processes.


How? SCOTTY is the first system to digitally join the two worlds of metadata directly on set. All important content data is being digitalized live on set (via Apps, e.g. for Script Supervisors) and connected to the technical data of the clips.

Once the content and technical metadata is joined and saved in one databank, it can be used for manifold things: automatical report generation, faster import of the clips, specific notes right within the editing software, the perfect overview for Script Supervisors and many others.

In efficient digital movie production, easySCOTT stores all metadata throughout the whole production process, keeping it safe and efficiently process it from the shooting to the post production.

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